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"Beulah" is having a bad hair day! This sweet 10" bear is sewn from both recycled Crystal fox fur and recycled ranch mink. The body, arms and legs of the dark brown ranch mink perfectly match the dark brown tips fur in the crystal fox that the head and ears are sewn from. Crystal fox is very beautiful, with a soft orange underfur that changes in color  to cream with dark brown and white tips. Beulah's face is almost lost in all that fur but you can still see her black bead eyes and brown handstitched perle cotton nose. Her orangey brown ultrasuede pawpads match her ultrasuede inset muzzle and the lovely peach underfur in the fox. She is fully lined for strength and securely jointed with wooden discs, locknuts and bolts so her head, arms and legs all move. Stuffed with personality as well as plastic pellets and polyester stuffing, Beulah comes from a smoke free home and is signed, numbered and comes with an adoption certificate stating that she is an original creation by myself, Wendy Shelby.
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